Technician Network

Dent Guard Service Agreements are supported by our PDR LINX Network of technician professionals formed in 1999. Today we have the largest geographical fulfillment network in the industry and continue to add premier PDR mobile repair professionals. Our 4000 plus certified technicians specialize in paintless dent repair. Additionally, most of our technicians also specialize in windshield repair and interior repair.

PDR LINX technicians are closely screened and must have the following qualifications. Technicians must have at least two years of PDR field experience, provide three industry references and have a customer satisfaction rating of over 90%. Professionals must be equipped with their own specialized tools for each type of trade. Having the best technicians in our network helps us provide exceptional customer service to you.

The PDR LINX Network has an overall satisfaction rating of 96% since the network began. Technicians are rated on their quality of repair and their professionalism. No matter where you or your customers go, a technician will always be nearby to provide for any warranty service issue that may arise.

Dent Guard PDR customers are contacted after a scheduled repair and asked to complete a customer satisfaction survey. Below are questions for one customer group.

Below are the survery questions:
      Was the repair done at the dealership?

Please rate the following questions on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the most satisfied:
      Professionalism of call center
      Professionalism of the technician
      Quality of the repair
      Explanation of benefits and coverage at the time you purchased your contract
      Would you recommend service to others