Repairable Damage
DentGuard covers minor dents and dings on your vehicle's exterior surfaces. Repairs can be performed on dents and dings less than four inches in diameter on metal panels where the paint has not been broken and the dent can be completely repaired using the PDR process (as determined by the certified technician).

Non-Repairable Damage
DentGuard does not cover any type of collision damage, sharp creases, large dents, hail damage**, environmental damage, rust/corrosion, surfaces where the paint has been damaged, or dents and dings on the roof panel with vehicles that have a sunroof or moonroof.

Note: Exclusions include but are not limited to hail damage**, chipped paint, environmental damage, rust/corrosion, chemical damage or dents and dings on the roof panel when the vehicle has a sunroof or moonroof. Please consult your service agreement for complete details on exclusions and limitations.

** Certain restrictions and exclusions apply, and coverage may differ in certain states.